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Putin: “How Far Do I Have to Push?”

by Jack Twice recently the Russians have buzzed US Navy warships in a provocative manner that could have spelled disaster had it been an actual attack. The aggression was not by some rogue pilot either, the two incidents were obviously … Continue reading

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Obama’s Executive Order Heads to Supreme Court for Review

by Jack In November of last year President Obama issued an executive order that blocked a federal law that required several million illegal aliens be deported. In doing so the president may have broken the law because his oath of … Continue reading

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San Bernardino was a Man-Caused Disaster

by Jack Do you remember a few years back when Janet Napolitano, then the head of Homeland, ordered her employees to use the phrase Man-caused disaster d instead of terrorism? She said she was trying to take the politics out … Continue reading

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Women 18-35 Now Eligible for Draft?

by Jack File this story under, “Be careful what you ask for!” The military has accepted women in combat roles, without exclusions. Therefore, women being equal to their male counterparts (so says the gov) then they must also be eligible … Continue reading

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Muslim Extremism Too Common – Obama Too Soft

by Jack Yesterday saw 14 dead and 21 wounded at the hands of Muslim extremists wielding semi-auto rifles and pipe bombs. Predictably, President Obama reacted by using this attack as another opportunity to lobby for more gun-control. He cited the … Continue reading

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Obama Lying to Americans About ISIS AGAIN! #@$%*

by Jack When it comes to ISIS, Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorism, one wonders when Obama will start being honest with the public? It’s become so bad, we can’t believe a thing Obama says. Obama has been 100% wrong about … Continue reading

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Dangers Posed by ISIS – A Must Read

by Jack Obama hiding dangers – Nearly SEVENTY have been arrested in America over ISIS plots in the last 18 months – including refugees who had been given safe haven but ‘turned to terror.’ Federal and local law enforcement agencies … Continue reading

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Almost Everybody Thinks Obama is Dead Wrong About ISIS!

by Jack Dissident voices in the highest levels of US government and among allied governments are becoming more frequently critical of Obama’s Middle East policy. For them, they see Obama in the role of an obstructionist, not a leader. But, … Continue reading

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The President is Delusional

by Jack Lee If you did not see the 60 Minutes interview done by Steve Kroft with Barack Obama, you missed an opportunity to meet the real Obama. This president (that many claim is the worst president in history) thinks he … Continue reading

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Global Conflicts and the Spread of Terrorism and Instability

by Jack Lee 9/28/2015 – Let’s face it, our president and his cabinet have made a mess of things in the Middle East and in many African nations. Thanks to their bungling “we” have zero credibility in a growing list … Continue reading

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