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Trumps Comments on Haita and Somalia

by Jack In a closed door bi-partisan meeting President Trump was accused by a couple of  democrats of using derogatory language, allegedly racist in implication.   This was  regarding his view of some 3rd world places.  I won’t repeat the … Continue reading

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An Unworthy Headline

by Jack Today all the media is all abuzz over the threatening comments uttered by North Korea’s foreign minister at the UN.  He said Monday the U.S. had declared war on North Korea and his country considered all possible responses to … Continue reading

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Charlottesville and Racism

by Jack Putting things into perspective…. It was not the first time a car was used as a battering ram. However, unlike prior incidents, this guy apparently drove right past many counter protestors walking in the street. They should have … Continue reading

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Tough Talk is Exactly What North Korea Needs to Hear

Posted by Jack (CNN) The North Korea crisis is deadly serious and President Donald Trump is pursuing a dangerous path, escalating tensions with his “fire and fury” and “locked and loaded” comments. His unpredictable behavior is being met with predictable … Continue reading

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The Neighborhood Bully

by Jack When the neighborhood bully,  a guy who has vandalized your house in the recent past, a guy you could whip with one hand in 2 seconds if it was not for an abundance of restraint and respect for … Continue reading

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Afghanistan – 17 years later and a Quick Look Back at Vietnam

by Jack Before we look at Afghanistan we need a quick review of another war, Vietnam.  Ho Chi Minh had approached Harry Truman in 1946 asking if the U.S. would help the Vietnamese evict the French, much as the Americans … Continue reading

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Testing the Mental Fitness of future President’s

by Jack Should the candidate for President of the United States be given a thorough mental health evaluation? We ask that of many other people in the public trust who have far less ability to do harm. We ask mental … Continue reading

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Former FBI Director to Testify Thursday!

by Jack Former FBI director James Comey (shown left) is awaiting his turn to speak before the Senate sub-committee tomorrow.  What will he say about the Russian connection, election hacking, about being pressured by the President and so many other … Continue reading

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Mayor of London Says Trump not Welcome in UK?

by Jack Sadiq Khan, mayor of London has been feuding with Trump for a long time and it boiled over with the president’s tweet about something Kahn said in the wake of the London terror attack.  ”At least 7 dead … Continue reading

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Trumps Middle East Tour

by Jack By all measures, Trumps Middle East tour went better than expected. Trump achieved a major concession from the Saudi’s when they agreed to arrest their people for sponsoring terrorism outside their borders. Prior to this time any Saudi … Continue reading

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