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Trump Rattles Iran

by Jack For the last 20+ years Iran has felt free to insult the United States at will. They constantly threaten to kill us and they send out their terrorist squads whenever and wherever the opportunity presented itself. They once … Continue reading

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AFT – Trumps Kicks NATO’s Butt

Thanks to RHT for this story Before we start, I have to say I loved this blunt tell it like is talk from the President.   It’s honest, bold and frankly long overdue.  He puts the bureaucrats in their place … Continue reading

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Trump, Partisan Politics and Shallow Thinkers

by Jack You know there has to be something seriously wrong with the two party system when the voters turn to a novice candidate with no political or military experience and somehow he wins the presidency. That’s very telling of … Continue reading

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A Different Look at Trump

Thanks go to Peggy for this find…. “A different take on Donald Trump:  (a non-political agenda) Trump Is Not A Liberal or Conservative, He’s a “Pragmatist.” (Definition: A pragmatist is someone who is practical and focused on reaching a goal. … Continue reading

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A case of two ideologies and the partisan hypocrisy that drives voters mad.

by Jack A case of two ideologies and the hypocrisy that drives voters mad… Unless you’ve been comatose for the last 10 months, you’ve probably heard about Retired General Michael Flynn ‘s run in with the FBI.   But, to … Continue reading

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Trumps Comments on Haita and Somalia

by Jack In a closed door bi-partisan meeting President Trump was accused by a couple of  democrats of using derogatory language, allegedly racist in implication.   This was  regarding his view of some 3rd world places.  I won’t repeat the … Continue reading

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An Unworthy Headline

by Jack Today all the media is all abuzz over the threatening comments uttered by North Korea’s foreign minister at the UN.  He said Monday the U.S. had declared war on North Korea and his country considered all possible responses to … Continue reading

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Charlottesville and Racism

by Jack Putting things into perspective…. It was not the first time a car was used as a battering ram. However, unlike prior incidents, this guy apparently drove right past many counter protestors walking in the street. They should have … Continue reading

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Tough Talk is Exactly What North Korea Needs to Hear

Posted by Jack (CNN) The North Korea crisis is deadly serious and President Donald Trump is pursuing a dangerous path, escalating tensions with his “fire and fury” and “locked and loaded” comments. His unpredictable behavior is being met with predictable … Continue reading

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The Neighborhood Bully

by Jack When the neighborhood bully,  a guy who has vandalized your house in the recent past, a guy you could whip with one hand in 2 seconds if it was not for an abundance of restraint and respect for … Continue reading

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