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Obama’s Limited Bombing Not Stopping ISIS – Another Epic Fail

by Jack Lee Sen. McCain recently characterized the bombing in Syria as “pin pricks,” saying the White House is basically doing little to nothing to stem the advance of ISIS. Because of Obama’s insistence on pin point bombing, the Peshmerga … Continue reading

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ISIS Tee Shirts and Flags Hot Items for Jihadists

by Jack One way to gage the support for ISIS is to see who is buying up their tee-shirts and flags. The problem is so bad in Australia among younger Muslims that they are considering banning the sale of the … Continue reading

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Thoughts for September 11th

by Jack Tomorrow is 9/11, a bloody date in world history and the blackest day in American history. 2,996 innocent people were murdered.   Tens of thousands of family members were never the same again. Literally, America changed in that day forever.   It … Continue reading

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What Would You Do About ISIS Now? (Rated R for violent content)

by Jack I was asked what I would I do about this latest beheading by ISIS. Fair question. Okay, here’s my answer. A month of carpet bombing the crap out of ISIS ought to be fair payback. I wouldn’t spend … Continue reading

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A Look at Iraq’s New Prime Minister

By Jack This guy is our last chance to undo some of the damage we helped create and for Iraq to survive as country. If he fails ISIS wins. On Aug. 11th, 2014 in the Baghdad parliament building before a … Continue reading

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Should American Citizens Have Their Passports Pulled for Joining ISIS?

by Jack According to recent news reports at least 100 people from the USA have joined ISIS, another 500 from Great Britain have joined ISIS. In this country of 350 million you will have no trouble finding 100 crazy, stupid … Continue reading

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Is This the Guy Who Killed James Foley?

Posted by Jack By Staff writer | Al Arabiya News Sunday, 24 August 2014 A former British rapper who abandoned music to join the lines of ISIS is now being investigated by UK authorities following the execution of American journalist … Continue reading

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Should the Display of Terrorist Videos and/or Pictures Be Illegal?

by Jack Should it be illegal to show a video of someone being murdered by terrorists? As you know the thugs called ISIS (or ISIL) sawed off the head of an American photo journalist recently and it went viral on … Continue reading

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Iraq Briefing – What Would You Do?

by Jack Iraq is and has always been a country divided by the Islamic faith. The people in the Middle East have lived with wars, assassinations, revolution, domination, and bloody purges for over 700 years. They have a different take … Continue reading

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