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ISIS Spreading into Libya

by  Jack The newsprint ink has barely dried on the Copenhagen story about a Muslim terrorist that tried to suppress free speech with a gun, now comes this story:  Muslim terrorists behead 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya.   These men were travelling into Libya from Egypt to find whatever … Continue reading

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Important ISIS Video – Warning Violent Content

by Jack   The video above shows at one point a few beheaded corpses of Syrian soldiers, so be warned of its graphic nature.  Despite that violent content there is a wealth of information about the mindset of ISIS fighters and their goals, … Continue reading

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A Message From President Obama to You

Posted by Jack with closing comments by Jack This is from Obama’s blog to our blog regarding his 4 part strategy to defeat ISIL (ISIS)… 1. A systematic campaign of airstrikes against ISIL Working with the Iraqi government, we will … Continue reading

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Obama’s Limited Bombing Not Stopping ISIS – Another Epic Fail

by Jack Lee Sen. McCain recently characterized the bombing in Syria as “pin pricks,” saying the White House is basically doing little to nothing to stem the advance of ISIS. Because of Obama’s insistence on pin point bombing, the Peshmerga … Continue reading

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It’s Started – Obama Bombs Syria

by Jack Last night 47 Tomahawk missiles were launched at ISIS and Khorosam terrorist groups inside Syria. The reports indicate significant damage was done to both factions, but exactly how that translates in casualties is yet to be determined. Obama … Continue reading

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What Would You Do About ISIS Now? (Rated R for violent content)

by Jack I was asked what I would I do about this latest beheading by ISIS. Fair question. Okay, here’s my answer. A month of carpet bombing the crap out of ISIS ought to be fair payback. I wouldn’t spend … Continue reading

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Obama’s Odd References to ISIL

by Jack Sometimes there are profound meanings cloaked in subtlety, especially when it comes to the words spoken by a Chief of State like Obama. He carefully crafts his speeches so that every word is deliberate. Recently I noticed Obama … Continue reading

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White House Talks About Secret Mission in Syria

In an unprecedented disclosure the White House released information about a failed top secret mission to free U.S. hostages held in Syria. This has many politicians scratching their heads, wondering why in the world the White House disclosed the information? … Continue reading

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Iraq Briefing – What Would You Do?

by Jack Iraq is and has always been a country divided by the Islamic faith. The people in the Middle East have lived with wars, assassinations, revolution, domination, and bloody purges for over 700 years. They have a different take … Continue reading

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Obama’s Colossal Blunder

by Jack Lee Mixed signals and odd delays plague Obama’s Administration.  The President looks like Mr. Dithers, he’s confused, aloof and indecisive. The following is a summary of the timeline and events that have brought us to the point of military … Continue reading

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