I launched this blog on January 8, 2006. I didn’t expect to continue as long as I have with 1,132 blog entries since my first posting.
Earlier this year, I told myself I’d take a hiatus after the November election, which you’ve probably noticed if you’re a loyal reader.
I’m …

19 November 2008  Uncategorized

I would be very surprised if Mark Sorensen surpasses Larry Wahl for the fourth and final open seat on the Chico City Council.
Right now Sorensen is behind Wahl by 328 votes.
Most people I know Democrats, Republicans, and independents are rooting for Sorensen because hell bring a fresh perspective.
Nevertheless, …

8 November 2008  Uncategorized

Today’s Scrabble word is kir, an alcoholic beverage.

7 November 2008  Uncategorized

A picture is worth a

6 November 2008  Uncategorized

Life goes on.
Today’s Scrabble word is cordate, or heart-shaped like a Valentine.

5 November 2008  Uncategorized

Probably about 1/3 to 1/2 of you have already voted, but if not, go vote.
Today’s Scrabble word is flong, a sheet of a certain type of paper.

4 November 2008  Uncategorized

The “Yes on Prop. 8″ campaign is trying to appeal to African-American voters by sending out a mailer highlighting support from ministers.
In case you’re concerned about the “scared” institution of marriage, check out:

2 November 2008  Uncategorized

McCain vs. Palin.
Today’s Scrabble word is goglet, a long-necked jar.

1 November 2008  Uncategorized


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Change. That’s

31 October 2008  Uncategorized

Don’t Let Up

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Message received loud and clear. Sprint to the finish line.
Today’s Scrabble word is lehr, a type of oven.

30 October 2008  Uncategorized
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