Still Undecided, Watch This

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I am proud to be among the millions and millions of middle class Americans who saw fit to donate hard earned money to the Obama campaign. I know that many people were disappointed when Obama opted to not accept public funds for his campaign, but it was a brilliant strategic …

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John McCain, You’re No Maverick

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The original Mavericks take exception to McCain claiming their moniker…as word or deed. Nice little film and quite interesting as well.

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Affleck Overdoes Olberman

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This SNL skit lampoons Keith Olberman in all his self righteous indignity. Ben Affleck pulls it off pretty well. Not hilarious, but pretty funny in places.

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Here’s One For the Choir

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I think the biggest difference between the conservative/Republican message and the progressive/Democrat message is that the former is always trying to motivate me with fear and guilt while the latter tries to motivate me with hope and empowerment.
In this clip, Obama sounds a little weary and the delivery is …

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Changing of the Guard

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Please share this with any young people you know. I found it inspiring.

There is something in the air!
We are witnessing a changing of the guard, a new political epoch, a youth movement, and a call to restore the American dream. One only has to look at how the youth have …

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Bubba Introduces Barack

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There’s no doubt, Bill Clinton is all in for Obama. This is a great clip!

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A Different Shading on the Prop. 8 Debate

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My friend and sometimes colleague Lynton Vandersteen, jib operator par excellence, shared this with me. I share the sentiment so I share with you.

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The Latest Obama Spot

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Sarah winks, but McCain’s chances still stink.

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Olberman Strikes Again

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I love this guy, but he annoys the heck out of me trying to be so damn cute all the time. I pray to God that he never has me in his sights.

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Ron Howard Wiggs Out for Obama

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Opie Taylor of “Andy Griffith Show” fame grew up to be the director Ron Howard. This is a very clever and low key endorsement, and entertaining to watch.

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

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