The Litter Box: Chico State 81, Humboldt State 73

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Gio Estrada had more big 3s for Chico State in the Wildcats' win Friday night.

Gio Estrada had more big 3s for Chico State in the Wildcats’ win Friday night.

First, I can give you more gory details from this game in the story. Go read it here.

Secondly, because of the way the game ended — flurry of shots and stops, a lot of action, three people getting disqualified on fouls, etc. — it would have been easy to overlook the end of the first half. But that’s why they pay me the big bucks (*laughs so hard my lungs explode out of my mouth in a fine mist*).

The final 7 minutes of the first half were defensively sound, and Chico State needed it at a time its offense wasn’t doing much to extend the game out of reach of the Lumberjacks. Once halftime hit, only a desperation 3 got the visitors to 30, and out of the gate in the second half, the Wildcats made the push that I thought was the real cushion they needed. Granted, the many Humboldt fouls (three fouled out. Three!), including a technical that ruined their momentum at a crucial time, didn’t hurt either.

But, more importantly, David Howard didn’t get a lot of room to work with. He had the trio of Carraway, Semple and Barton on him — often doubled — and their work was yeoman-like. As Greg Clink explains, at decent length, in the audio clip below, the game was made on the defensive end.

LISTEN: Greg Clink postgame commentary

Another neat reference point: Semple, an Arcata native who somewhat famously rejected the “stay in town” narrative to play at Chico State, ate hearty once again. And yes, this one means more to him. Check the video interview below.

VIDEO: Semple discusses Wildcats’ win over Humboldt State


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