World Economic Collapse Explained In 3 Minute Video

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The Australian comedy team of John Clarke and Bryan Dawe present a
hilarious and yet informative take on the European and American debt crisis. While unfamiliar to most Americans, these two Australians have
been appearing together on Australian television since 1989 when they began doing satirical
interviews on a show called, “A Current Affair”.  Then in 1997 they began a show called, “The 7:30
Report” which gave them a larger audience and thus more acclaim.  Several times they have won the ARIA award for, “Best Australian
Comedy”.  They take their conservative leaning views and routinely destroy the left in a way that almost seems like they are delivering the 6:00 news.

Their routine may be comedic, but for comedy to be truly funny it must be based upon the truth. That’s why most of today’s comedians are just not funny anymore.  Most of them are leftists who hate God, capitalism, and most of all of them also hate America. So when I saw this video clip by John & Bryan about the worlds economic collapse, I had to share it with as many people as possible. So I hope you enjoy this skit that does a better job of explaining our economic problem than any MSM reporter could ever hope to.  

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