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As my first blog post, I would like to make my intentions for this blog clear.

I want to show older generations what being a teenager today is like. I want to show them what’s going on with our music, our struggles, how we interact with each other, how we test our boundaries, and how we cope with change. I want to give them the ability to live their teenage lives again through my writing and try to relate to a younger group.

I also want to give people of my age group someone to relate to, to remind them they aren’t the only one who feel like they do. I want to prove to them that there are opportunities to be successful and excel in areas that you’re passionate about. After all, that’s why this blog is called “Teen Passion”.

As my final statement I would like to say, writing is one of my main passions in life. I love the ability to express myself and thinking someone might benefit from it. I love the way the words swirl through my mind then fall into place. Writing is only one of my passions. If you want to know more of what me, and people like me are all about, read my later blogs. Or if you’re interested in finding out about what today’s high school is like, you can also read my online e-zine about my high school I write every week as well at, (copy the italics into the URL box and you will be taken to the Ipakanni Times home page).  In conclusion, I hope my blog is always informative, professional, and above all else, passionate.

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