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31 December 2008  weather_stations

Today, October 5th marks my 20th year here in Chico California.
What I’ve learned so far:
1- It’s a better place to live than many parts of California
2- People here can be very nice
3- Politics here can be very mean
4- Success is in the eye of the beholder
I came here with a …

5 October 2007  weather_stations

He’re’s a twist; while the north pole ice dwindles to record lows, the south pole ice reaches the maximum extent ever recorded.
A fellow who likes variable star research and AAVSO calling himself Tamino (not his real name – another phantom blogger) who runs a blog called “Open Mind“. He …

2 October 2007  weather_stations

A common theme with official climate stations of record is their placement with city and county fire stations. The reason? An observer is needed to transfer the data from the thermometer to the B91 form sent to NCDC every month. Unfortunately, fire stations are often not good places to …

1 October 2007  weather_stations

The Big Blast

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You know, for as much as we humans think we really have control over our planet, nature tends to remind us from time to time that we are just flyspecks in the vastness of space and energy. Take for example the amount of energy we get from the sun: 174.0 …

29 September 2007  weather_stations

A new USC study shows that Deep-sea temperatures rose 1,300 years before atmospheric CO2 rose, ruling out the greenhouse gas as driver of meltdown, says a study in Science.
Carbon dioxide did not cause the end of the last ice age, a new study in Science suggests, contrary to past …

27 September 2007  weather_stations

Above: Earth in comparison, size wise to common sunspots
The Christion Science Monitor had a detailed article recently that brought in a surprisng source – NASA GISS – an entity that seems firmly entrenched in the AGW- CO2 theory of climate change. Here are some excerpts from the article:
Researchers say they’ve …

27 September 2007  climate_change

I’m working on porting over to a new blogging platform. So there may be a delay in new content here. I’m trying out some ideas and themes, and it is looking promising.
When it’s all done, the URL will be announced. Stay tuned. Thanks to all who gave me feedback.

26 September 2007  weather_stations

As you may or may not know, this blog has taken off with big traffic increases as of late.
While the traffic has been an indicator of success, unfortunately, keeping that success gets to be more and more time consuming. This blog platform is hosted on Moveable Type version 3.2, which …

24 September 2007  weather_stations

It’s been awhile since I updated this series, and its not for lack of material. But I got busy with the UCAR conference, publishing a slide show, and other things. But this morning, ber volunteer Don Kostuch sent me a note on his latest survey in Titusville, FL near Cape …

20 September 2007  weather_stations
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