The picture below is from Oregon State Climatologist George Taylor. You may have heard of him, the Governor of Oregon tried to get him fired for not jumping on to the global warming bandwagon because he doesn’t see enough supporting evidence.

The picture is of Forest Grove, Oregon, and the temperature …

31 May 2007  weather_stations

Today I visited my friend Jim Goodridge, former California State Climatologist and the man with a garage full of data going back to before the Gold Rush.
Hes been quietly toiling away in his retirement on his computer for the last 15 years or so making all sort of data comparisons. …

30 May 2007  climate_change

Tuesday on page 7A of the Enterprise Record there was a full page ad for the Oriental Buffet at the corner of East Avenue and Esplande that touted a copy of the most recent Butte County Health Department inspection with the words in bold “Compliance Achieved” on the newspaper ad.
You …

30 May 2007  local_issues

I decided Id drop some more fun with entropy your way. Here is the USHCN
station of climate record in Redding, CA GISS number # 425725920010 and used in
the climate modeling database
It is now operated by the US Forest Service at their HQ located at the
Redding Airport. It used to be …

28 May 2007  weather_stations

Memorial Day

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This morning, I took my children out front, and we placed three flags in our front yard. Each child got one little flag on a wooden stick to plant in the front garden, while mommy and daddy got the big flag to hang from the porch.
After a little discussion on …

28 May 2007  local_issues

There’s an interesting thorn in the side of the recent planning commission approval of Meriam Park that nobody seems to have brought up or discussed. Maybe there are plans I’m not aware of, but given the issues being raised with a cell phone tower elsewhere in the city, it …

27 May 2007  local_issues

I’m surveying climate stations of record around California and documenting their condition as part of a larger project I’m doing. You’ll see more about it here in the near future.
Today I visited Marysville’s Fire Station, just off Hwy 70 at 9th and B Street, where they have the station of …

26 May 2007  weather_stations

Dihydrogen Monoxide

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It appears that in the quest to save our planet from dangerous chemicals, people will blindly sign anything. Read more about this dangerous chemical here: It’s “an odorless, tasteless chemical” that can be deadly if accidentally inhaled.

This chemical is so dangerous that a local city council in Aliso …

25 May 2007  fun_stuff

Fine Me

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My friends at coffee this morning got a huge laugh out of Chico Peace and Justice Center member Sherri Quammen’s claim in a vitriol filled letter to the editor that I’m the “real WMD”.
For somebody who professes “peace and justice”, she sure seems to have a lot of anger …

22 May 2007  local_issues

I found the full page color advertisement on page 5E of the Sunday Enterprise Record quite interesting.
It lists a number of environmental reasons why the M&T Baldwin Gravel mine would be a good thing, not the least of which is the reduction of the number of truck miles traveled in …

20 May 2007  local_issues
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